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What is Klëm?

Klëm is your wardrobe companion that helps you navigate your wardrobe and demystify your personal style.

Klëm currently consists of a digital wardrobe which allows you to keep track of clothes you own and love as well as an AI stylist you can ask any personal style questions and get responses in real time.

Why Use Klëm

You find style daunting

Klem demystifies style, transforming it from a daunting chore to an exciting, user-friendly experience.

You struggle with clutter

Klem's digital wardrobe provides a simple, highly visual way for people to manage their clothes without physical clutter.

You care about the planet

Your Klëm is designed to help you make the most of what you already own and if you need to buy, it helps you make intentional and informed purchases.

What Founding Customers Are Saying

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This is the best user experience of a digital wardrobe app I have ever had. Bravo

Esther, 33, London

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Klëm has the potential to fill a massive gap in the market. It is a very user friendly product and I’m very happy to support as a founding customer

David , 28, NYC

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I have tried all the apps. They have too much going on. Klëm very much simplifies my life.

Laura, 36, Dublin

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